Set of 10 fully fused precision quartz fluorescence cuvette,10mm


Set of 10  fully fused precision quartz fluorescence cuvette (PTFE stopper type, 10 mm light path, 3.5 mL volume, 4 transparent windows):  

This kind of cuvette is made of direct fusion technique without using any adhesives. The bonded surfaces have superior optical surface quality and excellent heat and chemical resistivity. All Hellma brand cells are made with this methods. All these kind of cuvettes we sell on ebay are called Fully fused cuvettes.

The cuvette has a fused quartz body and 4 transparent windows. It fits all standard UV-VIS fluorescence spectrophotometers (such as Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer, GE, HP, and Beckman etc.) and is designed for UV-VIS-NIR fluorescence applications.


Cell Material

Optical Quartz

Top Type

Teflon stopper typed

Light Path

10 mm

Cell Volume

3.5 mL

Outside Dimensions

45mm × 12.5mm × 12.5mm

Spectral range

190-2000 nm

Our cuvettes are brand new and direct from us, the manufacturer. Science Outlet have extensive manufacture experiences in scientific quartz products for 20 years. Our engineering experts welcome any questions about our quartz products and their spectroscopic or laser applications. We can also fabricate customized quartz and glass scientific apparatuses to your specifications. You just send us your design or diagram and we will send you a quotation. With our competitive pricing and finishing time, we are confident that we can underbid other online/offline scientific quartz/glass instruments vendors.

The reasons of ordering cuvettes from Science Outlet (eBay ID: quartzcrystal):     

1. We are #1.

We are the eBay's #1 quartz cuvettes superstore and one of the largest retailers on the Internet. Never buy serious scientific cuvettes from other fly-by-night sellers who sell cuvettes as a side business. We are a reputable scientific instrument company, established on 1970s and selling over the internet since 2008 and on eBay since 2009. Just look at our eBay Feedback record and you will see why our customers rave about our service.

2. We are Professional.

Currently we are the only professional quartz cuvettes manufacture on eBay. We can design, label and manufacture quartz cuvettes and other scientific lab wares for you.

3. How can you identify a non-professional store?

Just check their eBay lists, ask their questions regarding optics and capability of build customized cuvettes. If they sell toys, small electronics, know nothing about optics and making customized cuvettes, they must be a non-professional store.

4. Market facts of Quartz cuvettes on eBay.

There are lots of eBay individual sellers who whole sell low quality cuvettes with low price. However, they are not optical engineering professionals and know nothing about the quartz cuvettes technology. They buy low quality cuvettes from small companies and sell it on the way of selling a candy bar or baby toys. These sellers could never use a spectrometer and know nothing about spectroscopy, not to mention optical and material engineering. BTW, they even steal cuvettes pictures and products descriptions from us. We believe that low quality cuvettes might be good for high school kids but definitely not suitable for serious scientific R&D.

5. Drawback of low quality cuvettes.

1) Windows material contains fluorescence impurities.

2) Light path is not accurate and bad optical quality.

3) Bond tech is not reliable and introducing leakage later.

4) Cuvette life time is short.

5) No professional help and warranty on optics, spectroscopy and quartz cuvette applications.

Three major techniques of quartz cuvette manufacturing and quartz bonding:

1. Solder Frit Bonding Method: Glass frit is sandwiched between two surfaces and fused at 800°C. The bonded surfaces are highly heat and chemical resistive. Low cost with high quality. Most cuvettes on the market under $50 are made with is method.

2. Fully Fusion (Direct Fusion) Method: The process is direct fusion bonding without using any adhesives. The bonded surfaces have superior optical surface quality and excellent heat and chemical resistivity. All Hellma brand cells are made with this method. All these kind of cuvettes we sell on eBay are called "Fully Fused cuvettes".

3. Photo sensitive adhesive Bonding Method: A bonding agent is activated or cured by Ultra-Violet light. This method is very useful on bonding surfaces of different materials such as glass, quartz and metal. Also, it is excellent on making cuvettes of CaF, MgF and KBr which is very hard to do regular fusion work.


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