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We have over 30 years of experience on researching, developing and manufacturing optics and instruments and hold the certification of ISO9001 International Quality System. We produce 500 thousands of all kinds of quartz cuvettes each year. Most of them are sold as OEM cuvettes for major spectroscopic instruments companies, such as Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer, GE, HP and Beckman etc.


Our product line covers 5 series, 500 different kinds of cells, optics, lab glass wares and instrument. We have branch offices and logistics centers in U.K., Hong Kong and Beijing.



Cuvettes Transmission Graph with Different Materials

 Cuvettes Transmission Graph


UV Quartz Cuvette FAQ


Q: Why is the transmission of your UV-Quartz Cuvette only about 87% on the graph instead of near 100% since quartz should not absorb UV-VIS light?


A: When we measure the transmission curve of our quartz cuvette, the reference we use is air. The primary light loss is due to the light reflection on the interface between quartz window and air. According to Fresnel equations [1]:


The percentage of reflection = (n1-n2)2/(n1+n2)2 


Here, n1=1 (index of air), n2=1.4585 (index of quartz) and we have four air-quartz interfaces. Then the calculated loss of reflection light is about 13%, which means the transmission=100%-13%=87%, which match our measurement. Similarly, Hellma and Starna cells have identical transmission characteristics.